Six New Things: Week of October 19


Contemplative Prayer’s time has come! Discover what it is and deepen your practice: Shalem Institute encourages “opening to the Divine” in their one-day retreat, A Drink of Love; Richard Rohr invites us to “rebuild the Foundation” When Everything Is Adrift; Minnesota Contemplative Outreach is offering an Introduction to Centering Prayer; and for those tired of zooming to pray, River Jordan offers a “quirky… guide for cultivating divine connection and creativity” in The Ancient Way: Discoveries on the Path of Celtic Christianity (Broadleaf).

And join The Ministry Lab’s Midweek Retreat: create a personal rhythm, learn new forms, and find support and accountability!


Cultivate community connection and creativity – and empower your leaders – by Embracing the Gifts of Conflict for Social Change: Turning Toward Each Other: A Conflict Workbook;  IRL: Finding Realness, Meaning and Belonging in Our Digital Lives (Broadleaf); Drew G.I. Hart’s Who Will Be a Witness (now an audiobook; MennoMedia); and/or Discipleship Ministries (UMC) & Path 1’s Blessed Are the Poor: Engaging the Community toward Social Transformation.


Work toward transforming racial divides with American Mosaic Project and the U of M, Twin Cities Sociology Department’s virtual mini-conference Raced Religion and Social Solidarity