Community Prayer Tree

First Presbyterian Church in Winnebago, MN, is blessed with a large blue spruce in front of their building. On September 20, 2020, the congregation dedicated this large tree as a community prayer tree with the simple intent of providing a place of prayer, hope, praise and healing for members of the congregation and the wider community.

People are invited to simply stand and pray near the tree, alone or with a friend, for whatever reason, concern or hope is in their heart.

Simple supplies (colored sheets of paper, small plastic bags and colorful clothes pins) are provided by the congregation for those who would like to write a prayer, or a prayer request, and leave it on the tree.

It’s a great way to create an outward expression of the whole congregation for the benefit of the larger community! Thanks, Rev. Penny Ritter for producing this great idea; and thanks to the Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys’ The Valley Bridge for passing it along!