Gratitude: A Thanksgiving of Images

Thanks to the MN Conference UCC for this Great Idea!

For a beautiful way to get to “see” one another, share some joy, and build community, you might invite your whole congregation to share a single photo of what they are grateful for, right now.

In the MN Conf. UCC article (from whence this idea comes), the photo includes a sheet of paper with “#gratitude” on it. You might include a similar visual as a unifying theme throughout the images, to emphasize how unity of the experience of gratitude is woven throughout the diversity of expressions/images.

For folks who are particularly isolated and/or those who have technical challenges, you might coordinate having a young person visit to take the photo and upload it. This visit might be repeated when the montage is completed and shared so that the two can view the resulting whole together.

Set the photo montage to “gratitude” music and let the whole congregation get a glimpse into one another’s lives. You could expand the event (and do some outreach!) by inviting every member of your community to share an image.

Create a loop and post the whole thing on your media outlet(s) as your Thanksgiving Day (or Eve) worship. Joy and gratitude!