Six New Things: Week of October 12


Leadership Development and Support: [Yours and Others]

We can all use help finding grounding and maintaining balance. Melinda Emily Thomas introduces Sacred Balance: Aligning Body and Spirit through Yoga and the Benedictine Way (Broadleaf); Gregory C. Ellison II invites us to get Anchored in the Current: Discovering Howard Thurman as Educator, Activist, Guide and Prophet (PC(USA) Store); Sara Smalley at United Theological Seminary invites community members to “listen more deeply and connect more authentically… and strengthen skills” in an Improv Workshop; and John Curl curated resources to enhance observations of Indigenous Peoples’ Day.


Creation Care & Water Awareness

Honor Indigenous Peoples beyond one day with a visit to the Wakan Tipi Center at Lower Phalen Creek Project; join Growing Green Hearts for a Wakan Tipi Tour.

For deeper preparation in caring for creation, join the UMC’s Global Ministries EarthKeepers Online Training.


Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being for All Ages

Extend that care – and prepare others to join you – in tending to the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of your congregation. Get support in that work with the Jay Phillips Center for Interreligious Studies, Challenging Racism, Antisemitism and Other Assaults on Human Dignity; the ELCA’s online course with Rev. Karen Cherwien, BCC speaking to Spirituality, Suffering and COVID-19; MHTCC’s free training in Suicide Assessment and Response for K-12 Students; and/or the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministry Network‘s virtual conference on Aging, Spirituality and Pastoral Care.


Voting and Election Day

Support your community in seeing to our collective well-being as we prepare for the most contentious election season we hope to ever experience.

Broadleaf Books has created this helpful list of Election Protection Resources and Voting and Democracy publications.

You’ll find a slough of other helps in The Ministry Lab’s Congregational Life: Social Justice: Census & Voting Lib Guide.


LGBTQ+ History Month

In the midst of everything else happening this fall, let’s not lose sight of LGBTQ+ History Month!

InSpirit Bookstore curated an excellent list of resources to honor the month-long celebration, all of which – and more – you can find in The Ministry Lab’s Lib Guides: Pastoral Care: LGBTQIA+ Resources and Faith Formation: Tweens & Teens: Sexuality & Gender Identity.


Advent & Christmas

And in the increasing flurry to determine what to do for Advent and Christmas, we suggest checking out Illustrated Ministry’s, Advent 2020: Be Not Afraid resources, including: An Illustrated Advent for Families; an Illustrated Devotional; and a Coloring Page and Poster.

For your Tweens, Teens and Adults, this might be the perfect year to employ Todd Outcalt’s, Blue Christmas: Devotions of Light in a Season of Darkness (Upper Room).

And for your Littles, never fear: Little Mole is here – in the new Little Mole’s Christmas Gift (Beaming), with a reminder of the sweetness of giving and the joy of caring for friends.