Looking for a simple way to engage the whole congregation in preparing for and participating in Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Christmas 1 worship?

Look no further than one of our Illustrate-Your-Own Christmas sermons. These free, downloadable pdfs can be shared physically or via email with different congregational members with the simple invitation that they draw what they read on the page. Signing their artwork lets others know who drew what as the sermon is shared.

Each member (or family) will have only one part of the sermon, so there will be an element of surprise as each page is revealed in worship.

Compile the numbered pages back together and read as a storybook on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, or the First Sunday after Christmas. Invite Littles forward to share as a storybook. Project images on the screen for in-person worship; via power point in online worship; or via TikTok to engage younger participants. This might also be shared as an outdoor/illuminated storybook by creating a station for each page and inviting the whole community to view at their leisure throughout the Christmas (not Advent!) Season. (See Creating a Story Walk (R) for Faith Formation, Back-to-School Outdoor Prayer StationsIlluminated Advent Path, and Creative, Justice-Oriented Stations of the Cross for similar approaches in other seasons.) With all of these options, everyone gets to enjoy each other’s art as the Christmas story is shared in a new and interactive ways.

Our two free sermons are:

I AM: An Illustrate-Your-Own Christmas Sermon by Rev. Emily Meyer

  • features “cameo” appearances from key characters, settings, and props from the Nativity Story

Dance of Delight: An Illustrate-Your-Own Christmas Sermon by Rev. Emily Meyer

  • a Seuss-inspired journey from Creation through Incarnation to today, including astrophysics, current realities, and Love in a manger