Back-to-School Outdoor Prayer Station

Thanks to Christine Hides and Building Faith for sharing this oldie-but-goody Great Idea!

Several years ago, Christine Hides’ school district was involved in heated teacher contracts. They “hoped that a prayer station, in some small way, might be a positive and supportive presence for the community”.

[As the daughter and spouse of a public school teacher, and as a former public school employee, I hope congregations will take further steps to ensure just and safe learning environments and remunerations for all who work with our children in the public and private sectors. But a prayer station is never a bad place to start.]

These days, teachers, staff, students and parents will have numerous concerns about going back to school: shootings and safety; student, teacher and staff mental/emotional well-being; decreased budgets/shortages of support and teaching staff; decreased access to the arts and other enriching curricula; increased animosity between teachers/students and districts or administrators; loss of community; etc.

A public prayer station may help not only the youth, children and families belonging to your congregation, but all school-age and school-connected members of your community. It may also function to create community around the shared value of a safe, equitable, and enriching school environment.

The write-up includes:

  • background and intentions
  • how to create a back-to-school prayer station
  • monitoring your prayer station

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