Tips for Blessing of the Backpacks

Thanks to Matthew Kozlowski, formerly of Building Faith, for creating this Great Idea – a throw-back, but still relevant!

As you plan a Back-t0-School or Blessing of the Backpacks Sunday, Matthew Kozlowski offers “6 Tips for Success”, featuring a little background and:

  • Include the Blessing in Your Worship Service (we have lots of options in our lib guide!!)
  • Invite the Neighborhood (what a great chance for outreach and evangelism! Help folx know they are welcome by including parents, teachers, school staff and supports, etc., in the blessing and throughout worship – make the entire gathering about this and these people!!)
  • Use a Prayer or Liturgy for the Blessing (again, see the article or our lib guide for specific suggestions)
  • Make Bag Tags (these are a visual sign and reminder of the blessing – something students, parents, and teachers/staff can carry around to remember they have been blessed and are loved – every day; find additional suggestions for backpack tags in our lib guide).
  • Remember Teachers and Adults (see above thoughts)
  • Incorporate Outreach (he suggests blessing backpacks and supplies gathered for students experiencing need; this is a Great Idea!!)

As has been stated, we’ve got several other ideas, resources, and options in our Backpack/Back-to-School lib guide. If you’re interested in expanding on any of these thoughts but aren’t sure how, let’s confer one-on-one!! Send me an email to set up a consultation: I’d love to get creative with you!