Spiritual Gifts = Superpowers

Thanks to Lisa Brown of BuildingFaith for creating and sharing this Great Idea!

Help people identify their SUPERPOWERS, suggests Lisa Brown, Director of Digital Ministry for Membership Vision at BuildingFaith.

Her post, Ministry Fairs: Incorporating Gifts of the Spirit, encourages developing a stewardship ministry fair that puts people and their spiritual gifts first, rather than congregational committee or board vacancies and needs.

She shares her specific email/invitational wording, which includes a lengthy reference/definition from the Book of Common Prayer. For those not of the Episcopal persuasion, you can certainly find similar language defining lay ministry and/or the priesthood of all believers in your governing texts.

Brown suggests that ‘Changing Our Language Changes Our Perspectives’. This is most certainly true. Help people reframe their connection to God, personal gifts, community, congregation, and ministry with a few well-chosen metaphors and conversations.