Illuminated Advent Path

Thanks to Shalom Sonneveldt, Children’s Ministry Director at River Terrace Church, East Lansing, MI, for sharing this Great Idea with Network.

River Terrace’s planned one-hour children’s ministry event turned into a two-and-a-half hour intergenerational Advent experience when participants overflowed the parking lot to walk the Illuminated Advent Path.

A bonfire and hot cocoa station set the scene and anchored this outdoor event in warmth and family togetherness. Volunteers helped space groups to allow for safe distancing. Beyond that, families were allowed to walk the illuminated path at their leisure.

Find a complete outline for creating your own five-stop path, including elements for Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and Christ. Each stop includes a different display of lights, a Scripture reading, an activity, and a prayer.

It is easily adaptable to various locations, including moving it indoors, or expanding it to traverse a whole community. It could be set for the beginning of Advent, or throughout the Advent season, including just before Christmas.

Find the full article with additional ideas for adapting it here.