Creating a Communal Psalm of Celebration!

Thanks to Faith Network for sharing this Great Idea!

Although celebration has been difficult over the past two years, there are still things to celebrate – and celebration remains a faith practice (or spiritual discipline).

In a recent CRCNA virtual chapel service, participants were invited to name “aspects of God’s character and moments of noticing God’s goodness”. Pooling responses resulted in a communal psalm of celebration.

This can be done easily on all virtual and in-person gathering spaces: invite participants into a jamboard/whiteboard, or use an actual whiteboard/paper to gather responses to the simple prompt:

“Where are you noticing and celebrating the goodness of God?”

Collect responses and pull them into a prepared outline, such as the example in the article here.

Or, if you’ve got a Spoken Word artist, poet, hymn writer, or other wordsmith, invite them to create a unique work featuring everyone’s contribution.

You might even find a public domain tune, familiar to your community, and set the words to that tune to share as a sung hymn of praise or psalm in worship.

Share the psalm in worship, on all your media, and/or as a devotional tool for families at home.