Six New Things – Week of November 29, 2021

Find grace and wisdom to help one another hang on, find hope, and thrive as we move into this first week of Advent, with resources for Advent and Christmas; women on the margins and in the middle; African wisdom and African American history; and loneliness.


Beloved author Glenys Nellist again teams up with illustrator Elena Selivanova to create ‘Twas the Season of Advent (Zondervan), the latest in her ‘Twas the… series.

Find additional Advent, Christmas, & Epiphany Faith Formation resources in our lib guide.


We’ve now got two Illustrate-Your-Own Christmas sermons: invite your congregation to create the illustrations and share The Divine Dance or I AM live or online. We ask only that you share full author and cover art credits in all platforms.

Find additional Advent & Christmas Worship resources in our lib guide.


Folks are already feeling pandemic-induced isolation – a feeling frequently compounded by Advent, Christmas, and winter months. Find help for you so you can help others in The Loneliness Epidemic: Why So Many of Us Feel Alone and How Leaders Can Respond (Baker).


Continue the work of anti-racism and ending white supremacy culture with a fresh perspective on African American history. The 1619 Project’s Born on the Water (Koila) is a gorgeously illustrated book in verse chronicling the consequences of slavery and the history of Black resistance in the United States.


Expand on that awareness by sharing African Proverbs for All Ages (Roaring Brook), “a beautifully-illustrated, engaging picture book about the power of proverbs”.


And don’t miss what could be a fresh look at Mary’s experience, through the lens of The Defiant Middle: How Women Claim Life’s In-Betweens to Remake the World (Broadleaf).