Create-Your-Own Justice Drive

Thanks to Building Faith for sharing this Great Idea!

Rachel Doboney Benton’s article, Create Your Own Justice Drive: Helping Families Learn, Share, and Pray about God’s Work in the World sites research about millennial and Gen Z parents’ interest in social justice and the important role faith communities play in connecting families to meaningful ways to “participate in God’s work of shalom in the world”.

The article includes why introducing parents and families to ways they can work at the systemic levels of injustice is empowering and important. A “justice drive” is one great way to introduce families to a variety of local and regional issues, faith-based responses to those issues, and organizations through which they can contribute to the work of justice.

There is also an outline for creating your own Justice Drive, such as:

  • providing a theological framework, with key conversation starters for kids
  • discovering representative stops for a variety of justice issues
  • doing your own research
  • translating what you learn
  • writing prayers for each stop*
  • outline a clear route
  • creating a physical map (an example is provided)
  • providing point-by-point driving instructions
  • promoting the “event”/idea

*For a more contemplative approach to prayers at each station, invite families to explore where God is at work, already, at each stop; then, hold that particular place, issue, or the people involved, in God’s presence for a few moments before heading to the next site.