Creating a StoryWalk(R) for Faith Formation

Thanks to Building Faith’s Nicole Powell for sharing this Great Idea!

Nicole writes, “Sharing stories is one of the best ways for children to grow in community and their own personal faith.”

So, as families and congregations distanced through the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicole’s faith formation team decided to create a StoryWalk (R)  – an outside activity where pages from children’s picture books lined the parish garden that provided families a chance to get outside, spend time together, and learn as they read and walked. Children’s books covering celebrations and feast days, seasons, and diverse peoples create endless options.

Find a complete outline of how to create your own StoryWalk(R) for your community, including tips on:

  • Selecting the Book
  • Selecting the Location
  • Gathering Supplies
  • Creating the Signs
  • Placing the Signs
  • and Publicizing!

You might adapt this approach by creating story books of your own: invite families to write their own story, illustrate an Illustrate-Your-Own sermon, or create a history book of your congregation and community to share.

Even when congregations gather in person, this is a Great Idea for inviting  and engaging the broader community!