Six New Things – Week of October 18, 2021

It’s a question of perspective this week – and developing some new ones:


The “fun and funny bird’s-eye tome to individuality, community, and harmony” that is They’re So Flamboyant (Magination) is a romp through stereotyping, acceptance, and welcoming behavior.

The Raven and the Dove, The Big Fish, and The Stubborn Donkey (Paraclete) share their perspective – and their stories – as they help us re-imagine our own stories.


Stacey Chomiak’s young adult illustrated story, Still Stace: My Gay Christian Coming-of-age Story (Beaming) brings us on her personal journey of learning to love her full self while gaining a new perspective on her Christian faith.

Help all young people develop healthy views on their relationships with Lutheran Social Services and Cherish All Children’s Safe and Healthy Relationships Youth Guide.


Everyone who works with tweens, teens, and young adults might find a helpful perspective in Springtide’s thorough, research-based The State of Religion and Young People 2021: Navigating Uncertainty, and the refreshing honesty of Katie Schnack‘s The Gap Decade: When You’re Technically an Adult but Really Don’t Feel Like It Yet (IVP).


Help young people develop a healthy perspective on their role in shaping the future of the world with 100 Ways to Make the World a Better Place: An Activity Book to Inspire Change (CitizenKid).


Find some new perspectives on the Advent Season and Christmas Story with A Sanctified Art’s Close to Home: Lessons for Children and The Ministry Lab’s upcoming slough of Fresh & Free Advent and Christmas resources.


And when you’re ready for a little change in perspective on life, try Dimming the Day: Evening Meditations for Quiet Wonder (Broadleaf): “replace anxiety with awe, distraction with focus, and worry with true rest. Calm your mind and settle into stillness… dim the day.”


If you’d like a completely different perspective on whatever you’re doing, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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