Saying, ‘I Appreciate You!’ to Pastors

Thanks to Kathy Noble from Resource UMC and Christa Meland at the MN Annual Conference UMC for creating and sharing this Great Idea for Pastor Appreciation Month – October!

Gratitude is a gift we all need to receive. Genuine gratitude (or “appreciation”) feeds our soul and reminds us that our efforts are not in vain.

Clergy have been facing extraordinary challenges. They are not alone or unique in this, but their “growing edges” have been multi-faceted while their pivot-ability has been not only theirs to control.

Find in Kathy Noble’s article a brief history of the observation of Pastor Appreciation Month (and Day) and a list of ideas – from the simple and individual to the large-group grandiose – designed to make your personal – or congregational – appreciation tangible.

Read the full article here.