Multicultural Christ Child

Thanks to Building Faith’s Alexis Chin for creating this important and helpful Great Idea about helping young people identify with the Christ Child – while balancing mystery, reality, and multicultural awareness and inclusivity.

Responding to the often heard questions:

What did baby Jesus really look like?

Did baby Jesus look like me?

Chin wonders about, What Color Was Baby Jesus’ Hair? Representing The Christ Child Multiculturally.

First, she offers Anne E. Neuberger’s, That Baby in the Manger (Paraclete), as a powerful conversation starter for families at home, or for groups at church. The book comes with a discussion and activity guide to facilitate those discussions.

Chin continues by suggesting an activity around The Holy Family in Art, including numerous suggestions for finding and exploring artwork and global expressions of Jesus and the holy family, including the idea of mapping the areas from which different images come.

Read Alexis Chin’s full article here.