Six New Things – Week of June 19, 2023

Happy Juneteenth!

Meaningful remembrances, powerful stories, setting reimagined intentions, affirming identities, working toward reparations: it’s all here to recognize the beauty and importance of every individual.


After reading the books and ‘doing’ the studies, some congregations wonder, ‘Now what?’ Enter MNIPL: ‘MNIPL is committed to reparations work because it is care for creation. The same systems of oppression that divorced us from the Earth also divided us from each other.’

Check out their Reparations Page for ideas, including:

Find Juneteenth Worship and Reading in our lib guides.


Illustrated Ministry has a slough of offerings for PRIDE and more general necessities. Check out:

Find additional PRIDE resources in our Relationship & Identity: LGBTQIA+ and PRIDE Worship lib guides.


If flamboyance and color aren’t quite your style, maybe Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul: How to Change the World in Quiet Ways (Broadleaf) will ‘expand the possibilities of how to have a positive social impact’ as it affirms ‘the particular gifts and talents that sensitive souls offer to a hurting world’.

Find further ideas for Contemplative Activism in our lib guide.


Before you embark on any social justice venture, take a moment to explore The Spacious Path: Practicing the Restful Way of Jesus in a Fragmented World (Herald): starting from a place of grounded renewal will absolutely improve the journey.

Find additional encouragement for Sabbath & Rest in our lib guide and check out this week’s Sabbath Supplements Great Idea.


For the very particular journey toward sobriety, find support for supporters in Why Can’t I Fix It?: The Questions We Ask When We Love Someone with Addiction (Skinner).

Find more Pastoral Care resources around Mental Health & Addictions in our lib guide.


We are super excited to share another summer recorded sermon with you all! Member congregations will have free access beginning June 26 (we hope!).

The sermon is built for July 2 – based on Psalm 13 and Matthew 10:40-42 – but shares the story of Water Protectors who worked to Stop Pipeline 3, so is suitable for any summertime sermon.

If you plan to use it, you will want to read We Are Water Protectors in worship, as well. Please purchase a copy from Birchbark Books or your own local, BIPOC- or marginalized-identity-owned book seller.

The sermon will be part of our larger Watersheds/Interconnections Toolkit, which we intend to unveil at the Spirt of Water Event, July 15. We hope to see you there!!