Sabbath Supplements

Thanks to Traci Smith, who credits Daneen Akers with sharing the link to MaryAnn McKibben Dana’s Sabbath Supplements: a spin-off from her book, Sabbath in the Suburbs: A Family’s Experiment with Holy Time (Chalice; we’ve got a copy in our library members can borrow!).

McKibben Dana created a set of five videos to compliment Sabbath in the Suburbs. They can be used to open a gathering, as a springboard for conversation, or as a component in a closing worship time.

Each video tackles a different them from Sabbath in the Suburbs, including:

  • Cathedral
  • Start
  • Balloon
  • Language
  • Now

Download a discussion guide for the book here.

View all five videos here.

Find the outline of supplementary ‘experiments’ for each video here.

Find additional resources for exploring and enriching Sabbath & Rest in our lib guide.