Mentoring Formation Leaders

Thanks to Carol Pinkham Oak for sharing these thoughtful tips on preparing mentors for faith formation engagement in Building Faith.

In A Path of Support and Discovery: Mentoring for Formation Leaders, Carol Pinkham Oaks writes, ‘New leaders can feel inadequate and ill-equipped, and they may not be able to recognize the gifts thtat they can bring to their ministries. One way to affirm and empower new leaders is through mentoring.’

She goes on not clarify What Mentoring Is and Isn’t

  • A two-way learning experience: both mentor and mentee learn from one another
  • Conversation shaped around the ministry context and content
  • Appreciate for discovery on a shared journey

Then illustrates Mentoring in Action and outlines One-on-One Mentoring as:

  • Prayer
  • Discussion of a Focus Topic
  • Accountability and Goal-Setting Discussion
  • Thanksgiving

She includes Discernment Questions for Getting Involved in Mentoring

  • for those considering being a mentor
  • for those considering being a mentee

And concludes with the goal of Gaining Clarity, Finding Joy

Read the full article here.

Developing mentor relationships between seasoned and new faith formation leaders is a gift for both, establishing connection, deepening relationships, and developing skills, confidence, resilience, and sustainability in both mentor and mentee.