Flip time – and a few assumptions – on their heads with this week’s line-up of status quo busting, apocalypse-aware, Anthropocene-interrupting resources to read, share, contemplate – and act on!


It is time to follow Jesus’ lead and flip the status quo, peoples’ expectations, and our own perspectives on their heads. Cartoonist David Hayward points his Bible-savvy pen ‘straight at today’s pressing issues of inclusion, faith, spiritual abuse, and justice’ in Flip It Like This! (Broadleaf).


For a little more heady conversation starter, check out Upside-Down Apocalypse: Grounding Revelation in the Gospel of Peace (Herald), for ‘biblical scholarship and nonviolent theology to guide readers through the book of Revelation… to see with new eyes how the Prince of Peace turns violence on its head once and for all’.


If wandering through the apocalypse is overwhelming (how many more times can we use that word or feel that feeling???), read When Time Is Short: Finding Our Way in the Anthropocene (Penguin Random House) – which ‘shows us how to navigate the inevitabilities of the climate crisis and the very real – and very near – possibility of human extinction’. Sounds terrifying, but author Timothy Beal’s guidance is full of faith, hope, and compassion.


Turn the tide on teen loneliness and anxiety with research and tips from Springtide Research Institute. Frequent offerings are shared via their blog and and their Belonging podcast, both based on their book, Belonging: Reconnecting America’s Loneliest Generation.

Help teens develop meaningful friendships – while turning assumptions about popularity upside down – with Like Ability: The Truth about Popularity (Magination).

And BE SURE to join our BELONGING: WELCOME WELLBEING Blue Whirl Webinar series, launching in early September. Leaders of all kinds will find tools and grace for self-care, family and intergenerational care, presence with the Divine, and community broadening and depth. Find the latest info and a link to registration here.


Guide folx of all ages along Jesus’ Way with, Follow Me: Biblical Practices for Faithful Living [PC(USA) Store] – with 36 distinct spiritual practices Jesus taught and used. View the trailer; download a sample; watch the webinar; and learn more here.


And turn conflict and change for a loop by introducing techniques from theater. Lewis Center for Church Leadership offers a few tips in 5 Principles of Dramatic Improvisation Inform a Healthier Response to Conflict.

Join Danger Boat Productions in an actual experience/practice of Improv Café at this fall’s ConNext Summit. The Ministry Lab and a stellar ecumenical team of planners have created a FANTASTIC gathering for networking (let yourself belong with colleagues who share challenges, perspectives, and joys!!), rest and renewal, and workshops from area leaders doing wonderful, innovative, mind-flipping ministry that can provide you with inspiration and know-how!! Learn more and register here.