Thanks to Amy Campbell of BuildingFaith for sharing this Great Idea!

Amy Campbell developed an online format to assist congregations who have no faith formation staff or volunteer person: simple materials, basic instructions, and guidance on different topics that families can share at home.

Campbell shares an additional Great Idea at the beginning of her post, describing how she created her original All Saints Club for parents and families in congregations that did not have a faith formation leader.

Her materials and approach for the Green & Growing Club (which she grounds in the green and growing Season after Pentecost) are adaptable to any size congregation in just about any setting.

She includes brief notes on:

  • Connecting Creation Care to Faith
  • Organizing A Green & Growing Club
    • Pick a Season
    • Invite Your Families to Sign up for the Club
    • Collect Addresses
    • Create Mailings
    • Consider Social Media
    • Gather to Celebrate
  • Green & Growing Club Resources
    • including Episcopal curriculum and worship elements
    • find additional ideas for local and regional action in our Climate & Sustainability lib guide
    • find additional ideas for curricula and reading in our Creation Care lib guide
  • Keep Things Eco-Friendly

She encourages using the model to engage families with a variety of topics, including race, mental health. We suggest: misogyny, health care, Indigenous sovereignty and rights, gender & sexual identity, and more.