Six New Things – Week of February 19, 2024

The globe is full of hurt – and Love is the balm. Find empowering spiritual practices, inspiration for justice, tonic for the climate, a biblical prompt for big changes, and more in this week’s list…


Encounter God’s unlimited presence and unconditional love in, My Love, God Is Everywhere (Thomas Nelson), a ‘joyful picture book that helps kids discover God in all parts of creation, from the mountains to the anthills and, most of all, in our hearts amid joy, sadness, calm, and chaos’.


Elizabeth Johnson’s Come, Have Breakfast: Meditations on God and the Earth (Orbis), is a grown-up version, with, ‘luminous meditations’ that ‘offer a panoramic view of the living God who loves the earth, accompanies all its creatures in their living and their dying, and moves us to care for our uncommon common home’.


Let prayer and wonder lead to action this Earth Day and throughout the year supported by Plastic Jesus: Real Faith in a Synthetic World (Creation Justice Ministries), a free, downloadable toolkit including, ‘an overview of the plastic crisis, a theological framing, sermon starters, advocacy ideas, resources for children, and three original songs with recordings and sheet music’.

Find additional Earth Day prep resources in our Creation Care Curricula lib guide.


If action is elusive because the conversation hasn’t been broached, Doing Justice Together: Fresh Expressions Pathways for Healing in Your Church (Abingdon) can help to, ‘thoughtfully transform [your] church’, as you, ‘make changes with grace and care, honoring and including longtime members. And… perhaps reaching people [you] never…imagined reaching before…’

Find additional resources on Reorienting in our lib guide.


While you’re in conversation mode – and if you’re ready to make significant changes, Undoing Conquest: Ancient Israel, the Bible, and the Future of Christianity (Orbis), encourages congregations to ‘[create] a new liturgical season called the Season of Origins, focused on repairing the harms of the past and creating a more just future’.


Bring acts of justice to the fore for young ones this summer with JUST Like Me VBS (Reconciling Ministries Network), a  summer camp created with, ‘as many diverse voices as possible’ that encourages young ones, ‘to wonder, shout, share, build community, and speak up for others’.

We’ll have a side-by-side comparison of VBS/VBC’s out soon! Watch our list develop here.