Six New Things – Week of February 12, 2024

Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, Easter  – and Christian Nationalism: it’s all in here.


Celebrate unexpected loving friendships – found and forged among challenges and joys – as house-sprite, Noa, goes out Searching for Home (Beaming); includes a free coloring page of the main characters.

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Acclaimed artist, scholar, and activist, lenny duncan, invites readers to a deeper understanding of ‘the Black experience in the US’ in Psalms of My People: A Story of Black Liberation as Told through Hip-Hop (Broadleaf), a ‘full exegetical treatment’, of the songs and lyrics of artists from the last several decades, including critical and contextual interpretation and beautiful illustrations.

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‘Rage through the centuries has shown that anger can be a catalyst for change; it can also be a tool employed in fear by those resisting reform or trying to quell protests…’ In The Rise of Rage: Harnessing the Most Misunderstood Emotion (Broadleaf), counselor and psychotherapist Julie Christiansen ‘explores the nature of anger…’ and how it is activated ‘by frustrated attempts to achieve one’s ends’; she offers a ten-step process to help resolve and free this much-misunderstood emotion.

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Rage (harassed and otherwise) has moved into historical territory in the past few years. School Moms: Parent Activism, Partisan Politics, and the Battle for Public Education (Beacon) is, ‘an on-the-ground look at the rise of parent activism in response to the far-right attacks on public school education’.

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For a significantly different example of Christian women and their history-changing roles, see Blessed Are the Women: Naming & Reclaiming Women’s Stories from the Gospels (Chalice).

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Recently there were dire warnings of a mass exodus of clergy leaving their calls. While the ‘Great Resignation’ hasn’t materialized as expected, there are many important Lessons from Pastors Who Have Left Parish Ministry (Faith & Leadership).

Clergy might avoid burn-out and disillusionment by Picking up the Pieces: Leadership after Empire (Fortress), where they’ll learn to, ‘exercise institutional power more generously’ as they, ‘shift from organizational patterns that demand over-functioning and instead share power so that power multiplies’.

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It’s a few years old, but the imagery is beautiful and the practice profound for congregations ready to expand their idea of Easter Season worship for all ages. Check out Easter Butterfly Prayer Stations which use the ‘metamorphosis of a caterpillar/butterfly as a metaphor for one’s faith journey’ as they beautify your gathering space.

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Blessed Ash Wednesday!