Reuse/Repurpose/Recycle: Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

Thanks to Traci Smith for sharing this list of Great Ideas in her Treasure Box Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

After opening with encouragement to do ‘new things or excellent things or things you’ve not considered doing before’ – and advice one how to ‘advance fairly quickly’ by not starting ‘with a blank page’ – then inserting an example of what not to do – Smith writes, ‘The true magic happens when you consider what things are best suited in your world for recycling and repurposing and when you make something new out of something you’ve previously done… [I]t’s magic. Because past you has put a lot of thought and energy into something, you can, very often, use the momentum of that work to create something new very quickly.’

Her ‘little list’ of suggestions includes:

  1. Sermons or children’s messages and Newsletter Articles
    • Inspiring newsletter articles can turn into thoughtful sermons. Inspiring sermons can be turned into thoughtful newsletter articles
  2. Newsletter Articles and Sermons (Children’s messages) into Social Media Posts
    • Thoughtful social media graphics and posts can be the high level highlights from sermons or newsletter articles.
  3. Newsletter Articles and Sermons Submitted for Publication
    • Recycling and repurposing old things is the way to: write for the local paper, a periodical/newsletter, or blog – when you don’t know how you’d find the time to come up with all the content.
  4. Create a Devotional
    • Compile and edit meeting-starting prayers and devotions – created by elders or a leadership team – into a devotional book for the rest of the congregation – could be a great gift!
  5. Turn Random Snapshots into Slideshows, Social Media Presentations & More
    • Drop all those photos taken at gatherings and get-togethers into collages for church social media or slideshows
  6. What else can you think of?
    • Smith states, ‘The most magic connection is when you have something that works for YOU. Don’t start with a blank page and watch what happens!’

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