Youth Creation Care Pilgrimage

Thanks to Valerie Reince of Building Faith for sharing this truly Great Idea!

It’s definitely too late to offer this as an Earth Day observance, this year, but Earth Day might be a great time to float the idea to potential planning team members, youth, parents, the congregation, etc.

Valerie Reinke’s Creation Care Pilgrimage would be a great option for summer camp, any three-day weekend excursion, Earth Day next year, etc. As discussed at this year’s EcoFaith Summit, creation care is an everyday necessity the church should not leave to once-a-year observances.

Reinke’s write-up includes tips to:

  1. Scout It Out: determine a best route
  2. Discern a Theme
  3. Involve Church along the Way to broaden the impact and enhance the experience
  4. Recruit Young Adult Leaders – a great way to engage this age group!
  5. Prioritize Music and Liturgy to bookend active days with space for quiet, reflection, and gratitude
  6. Flex Your Network – reach out to include experts in diverse fields, locals with deep knowledge, and diverse leaders and organizations you may not normally include in church planning
  7. Build in the Fun! – and let your support organizations and congregations lead the way
  8. And A Final Word, along with resources and sample materials from her own creation care youth pilgrimage

Read Valerie’s full write-up here.

Find additional resources for Climate & Sustainability action, preparatory Creation Care discussions, and Pilgrimage in our lib guides.

And, as always, members: let us know if we can walk with you in your planning!!