Celebrate Nature with Kids

Thanks to Naomi Krueger for sharing this Great Idea in Beaming Books’ blog.

Krueger writes, ‘Kids don’t always know how to slow down and appreciate the world around them… But the good news is there are many ways parents can cultivate a love for creation at home in the everyday moments of interacting with the natural world.”

She continues with a concise list of suggestions (each of which includes a short exposition), including:

  • Pay attention to what kids are noticing.
  • Pull the car over.
  • Go on hikes.
  • Take a vacation.
  • Grow something.
  • Be an example.
  • Read books about nature (find a whole bunch in our Creation Care lib guide)
  • Set limits on inside time.
  • Encourage exploration.
  • Start a collection.

Krueger recommends ‘[digging] deep into your creative side to enjoy and appreciate nature in ways that are unique and personal to you and the kids in your life. Have fun!’

Basically: get outside and explore the natural world around you: ask questions, listen to kids’ questions, wonder together: listen, look, and practice awe!!