Where Do We Go from Here?

Thanks to Clergy and Congregational Coach Laura Stephens-Reed for sharing this excellent outline/practice for congregations and clergy searching for creative ways to emerge from the Covid-19 tomb/womb.

In her May 25, 2021, Where Do We Go from Here? blog post, Stephens-Reed acknowledges this early summer as a “shoulder season”, in which we are still part-way in the pandemic and as we become part-way out of it. This is the time, she suggests, for discernment and experimentation.

Stephens-Reed offers a template to encourage congregations to try new things, endorsing experimentation as the hallmark of the Book of the Acts o the Apostles, who were in a similar shoulder season. Her two-part approach of “Trying” and “Reflecting” is simple, yet empowering of both new adventures and letting go without shame.

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