Six New Things – Week of November 27, 2023

Let’s play with our heads: in a fun, community-building, intergenerational-relationship-creating kind of way. Embrace grief, develop mental and spiritual strengths, and create belonging with lament and liturgy, puzzles and games – and pageantry.


Big Brain Bible Games: Fun Puzzles, Quizzes, and Trivia to Test Your Bible Knowledge (Baker) purports to be, ‘the ultimate collection of entertaining trivia questions, puzzles, and games for learning about God’s Word, testing your Bible knowledge, and challenging your friends and family’. Share it with youth and families for at-home Bible fun during upcoming school breaks and trips!

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Encourage all ages to hone their dialogue and discussion skills – truly an important tool that is lost amidst social media – with in-house intergenerational relationship-building: dig into debate and discussion with 100 Thought-Provoking and Funny Debate Topics and Questions for Any Occasion [2024 Updated]. This would be a great way to kick-off elder/youth conversation nights (see our Faith Journeys with Older Friends Great Idea) or new member discussions.

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Tuesday, November 28, is Global Giving Tuesday!!

Here’s a mini-Great Idea: Craft a fun and life-giving event for intergenerational participation with a gift-giving twist: invite participants to raise funds together then determine what gifts to send to folx around the world – with opportunities to transform entire communities (including your own!).

Learn about the communities that will receive the gifts; learn about the culture, language, art, and lives of the people in those communities. Craft meaningful correspondence to share through the organization sending the gifts. Let everyone decide what gifts to share – and learn why and how those gifts can change lives.

Spread the joy around by sharing what you did on social media: Share what gift(s) you gave — then invite your friends, family and community members to join you. Sign up with Good Gifts, then check your inbox and social media feeds on the morning of Nov. 28 for content you can share that day.

ELCA’s Good Gifts is one place to start, with options from goats to water filters to school uniforms.

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We don’t normally list events in this post, but two upcoming options include music and liturgy that you can download and share in your own setting – and both could be beautiful youth, family, and/or intergenerational gatherings:

Congregations near Wilmar, MN have been enjoying an ecumenical gather for Evening Prayer utilizing Carol Meier’s new liturgy, Light of the World. Bring your group to Wilmar (see here), or download the liturgy and share it in your own context. Perfect for Longest Night observances!


Speaking of which: The Many will host three online Longest Night gatherings (see more here); one hosted by the UCC national body as part of their Praying through Advent: Nurture the Soul four week online series. The Many’s Longest Night liturgy includes their new Advent song, The Whole World Is Waiting, releasing Friday, December 1. Watch for it wherever you listen to music (Apple, Spotify, Amazon…). Listen to a clip here.


If you’re in a panic and need a last-minute pageant, we’ve got it for you! We just completed, Prepare: The Northwoods Gets Ready – based on reflections from three Minnesota congregations, from elders and children, parents and youth – all responding to questions of how characters in the biblical story (Luke 2:1-20) – and/or characters imagined into the story – might have – or did – think outside the box to prepare for Christ’s birth – even in the middle of dangerous, terrifying, uncontrollable circumstances and times. Prepare to engage a familiar story with a few twists and turns, a little bit of time-warping, and a decidedly fresh and entirely Northwoods cast of characters – all of them getting ready for the birth of God. Contact us if you’re interested!

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