Six New Things – Week of March 06, 2023

From Creation to Revelation, unearth connection, friendship, and boundaries amidst beautiful diversity in books, downloads, and studies.


Beloved storyteller Zora Neale Hurston and bestselling, award-winning author Ibram X. Kendi share The Making of Butterflies (HarperCollins). Exquisite illustrations from Kah Yangni will spark children’s curiosity about ‘how things in our world came to be’. Download the free butterfly coloring page here.

From creation to the Stone Age: We Are Human Animals (Eerdmans) explores ‘the history of humanity and the ties that bind us to those who walked the earth long ago’.


Unearth Second Thoughts about the Second Coming: Understanding the End Times, Our Future, and Christian Hope (WJK); the book includes a study guide and web-based appendixes to help clergy develop a variety of sermon series on Christian hope.


Stand in awe of – and solidarity with – the extraordinary resilience of Winona LaDuke, keynote speaker at the 2022 Johnson Symposium: Water Is Life: Diane Jacobson’s, Water Is Life: Biblical Reflections, illustrate why and how the Bible encourages us to support remarkable work like that of LaDuke and other Water Protectors.


Practice ’embodied ways of belonging and connection to ourselves and one another’: Living Resistance: An Indigenous Vision for Seeking Wholeness Every Day (Baker) invites readers to ‘get more in touch with our bodies, resting, and remembering our ancestors’.

Encourage young ones to be in touch with their bodies – and empowered to set healthy boundaries – with This Is My Body, I Get to Choose: An Introduction to Consent (little feminist): features photos of diverse real kids practicing consent and includes family discussion questions for every age range.


Explore how play can connect us with new friends through the lens of a boy on the autism spectrum in Big Truck Playdate (Beaming).


Grow everyone’s awareness around mental and sexual health and intersectional identities this Women’s History Month with resources from Yale Divinity School:

Join us for our Teen Mental Health & Church Culture webinar with Melissa Weinhandl, LMFT. Learn more and register here.