Pursuing a Child’s Faith

Thanks to Jessica Gulseth for sharing this list of Great Ideas in her Church Anew blog!

Jessica Gulseth is a current Luther Seminary student serving as Intern Pastor at St Mark Lutheran in West Des Moines, IA. Jess has ten years of experience working with children and family ministries. She writes,

While Sunday worship and age-specific programming are essential, more is needed to build a robust and sustainable faith foundation for children. While your church staff and volunteers only have a few dozen hours over the year, the parental figure in their life has thousands.

She then offers a list of ways parental figures can engage faithful living and faith practices at home, including:

  • Share your own faith
  • Find support and resources
  • Practice what you preach and lead by example.
  • Reinforce faith through everyday practices
    • Memorization
    • Meals
    • Bedtime Prayers
    • Community Service
    • Worship Reflection
  • Emphasize the ‘Why’
  • Pray

She underscores that no one is doing faith formation – especially those working with children – alone.

Read her full post here.

Indeed: The Ministry Lab exists for this exact reason! Yes!! We support at-home faith formation in many ways and are free to all members: congregational clergy, faith formation leaders, staff, volunteers, and at-home/parental figures!!!

Please let folx know that we are here to support any and all undertaking faith formation with any and all ages in any and all settings!!