Six New Things – Week of June 20, 2022

I am taking time for rest and renewal this week, so this Six New Things is both early and a departure from our normal format. Here you’ll find links to our lib guides (curated lists of resources) for six key areas of ministry and needs in our congregations and wider communities.


It’s Pride Month and who doesn’t need some reasons to celebrate and share joy!!?? Find resources for Pride worship and exploring and affirming diverse identities in our lib guides.


This Monday is Juneteenth. Again – let’s celebrate! Learn the history, explore key figures, and celebrate in worship and the community!


A healthy way to celebrate Juneteenth is to start or continue in your antiracism work. We’ve got resources for Adults, Children & Families, and Tweens & Teens.


If current times are calling you to dig in with social justice around Gun Violence, we’ve got a list of opportunities for that, too.


 Or maybe you and your community need help dealing with Grief & Trauma amongst Children, Tweens & Teens, and Adults. We’re here to support you in that, as well.


But if all of that is more than your tired soul can manage, don’t forget: It’s summer!! Enjoy!! Need we say more??