Create an Artisan Community

Thanks to Christa Meland for sharing Gavin Richardson’s write-up in the MN Annual Conference MNConnect newsletter.

Richardson writes, “When you create a piece of art, you may experience a hint of what God likely felt, and in doing so, you also may be able to understand God’s love even more.”

Exploring these creative expressions and feelings as part of our spiritual lives is not often encouraged, laments Richardson. Our worshiping communities can remedy this with a few simple steps – and in doing so not only bridge generational gaps, but welcome new people into our communities so we can create and thrive together.

Richardson’s article fills out essential steps such as:

  • Organize a few artisans to start the process
  • Take time to determine the ‘why’ and ‘what of the ministry
  • Determine how the community will interact and work together
  • Decide on introductory efforts for the church
  • Promote the new community within and outside the church
  • Gather ministry leaders at the end of the initial effort

Read the full article here.