Six New Things – Week of August 9, 2021

Who doesn’t have big, big questions, right now??


The Girl with Big, Big Questions (Beaming) discovers that some of her questions make people uncomfortable, so she stops asking them – for a while. Then she learns that her curiosity can solve problems and that asking questions is how we learn and grow. Maybe a book for all of us to read…


Some folx have big questions about Critical Race Theory. If you are one of them, or know someone with such questions, R2: Religion & Race has some answers. See their What Is Critical Race Theory and What Christians Should Know, a free resource page with:

  • a video conversation between four leading BIPOC voices
  • an infographic series
  • a list of other Critical Race Theory writings form Christian Perspectives
  • and more


If you know anyone still questioning how they might become more informed and/or involved in becoming more antiracist, check out Elle Dowd‘s, Baptized in Tear Gas: From White Moderate to Abolitionist (Broadleaf).

For additional antiracism resources, see our Antiracism tabs in our Racism lib guides for Children & Parents, Tweens & Teens, and Young Adults & Adults.


As more and more folx face big questions about paying their mortgage or rent, Shelter Theology: The Religious Lives of People without Homes (Fortress) may be an unfortunately necessary and helpful tool in ministering to those experiencing transiency.


Kids with big questions about making and being a friend will find answers in Ease the Tease and Make a Friend, Be a Friend (both Free Spirit).

Find additional resources for talking about Bullying & Friendship in our lib guide.


Most of us have questions about worship in the near future. Illustrated Ministry has just come out with their Worship Resources for Fall 2021:

Pixel Preacher, a design shop specifically for churches, has a “freebies” section with some basic – but fun – graphics (motion loops, countdowns, social media pics, overlays, etc.)

And all three of The Ministry Lab’s Summer Worship Series: Liberation services are now available upon request – free sermons, liturgies, and music for all members (that’s probably you!). Request the pdfs and links here.

Find resources for planning a Backpack or Back-to-School Sunday in our Worship: Labor, Memorial, & Backpack Sundays lib guide.