Who doesn’t have big, big questions, right now??


The Girl with Big, Big Questions (Beaming) discovers that some of her questions make people uncomfortable, so she stops asking them – for a while. Then she learns that her curiosity can solve problems and that asking questions is how we learn and grow. Maybe a book for all of us to read…


Some folx have big questions about Critical Race Theory. If you are one of them, or know someone with such questions, R2: Religion & Race has some answers. See their What Is Critical Race Theory and What Christians Should Know, a free resource page with:

  • a video conversation between four leading BIPOC voices
  • an infographic series
  • a list of other Critical Race Theory writings form Christian Perspectives
  • and more


If you know anyone still questioning how they might become more informed and/or involved in becoming more antiracist, check out Elle Dowd‘s, Baptized in Tear Gas: From White Moderate to Abolitionist (Broadleaf).

For additional antiracism resources, see our Antiracism tabs in our Racism lib guides for Children & Parents, Tweens & Teens, and Young Adults & Adults.


As more and more folx face big questions about paying their mortgage or rent, Shelter Theology: The Religious Lives of People without Homes (Fortress) may be an unfortunately necessary and helpful tool in ministering to those experiencing transiency.


Kids with big questions about making and being a friend will find answers in Ease the Tease and Make a Friend, Be a Friend (both Free Spirit).

Find additional resources for talking about Bullying & Friendship in our lib guide.


Most of us have questions about worship in the near future. Illustrated Ministry has just come out with their Worship Resources for Fall 2021:

Pixel Preacher, a design shop specifically for churches, has a “freebies” section with some basic – but fun – graphics (motion loops, countdowns, social media pics, overlays, etc.)

And all three of The Ministry Lab’s Summer Worship Series: Liberation services are now available upon request – free sermons, liturgies, and music for all members (that’s probably you!). Request the pdfs and links here.

Find resources for planning a Backpack or Back-to-School Sunday in our Worship: Labor, Memorial, & Backpack Sundays lib guide.