Six New Things – Week of April 24, 2023

Honor and celebrate Mothering, Mental Health Awareness, AAPI Heritage – and innovative ministries responsive to your context – with expansive theology, growing awareness, and a fall cohort just for Minnesota!!


Canceling the Feminine aspect of the Holy has been the root of enormous amounts of systemic oppression, generational trauma, and personal pain. Jesus Sophia: Returning to Woman Wisdom in the Bible, Practice, and Prayer (Cascade) is a step towards healing.

Littles can engage a similar conversation with Dear Mama God (Watchfire Media): support expansive imaginings young and painful systems will begin to crumble. Illustrated Ministry created a free downloadable coloring page.

Find additional resources for Exploring God and Confronting Misogyny in our lib guides.


In the absence of the Divine Feminine, challenging pregnancies tend to be talked about in muted tones. Missed Conceptions: How We Make Sense of Infertility (Broadleaf) gives voice to this hushed-up experience as a ‘welcome and hopeful companion’.

Families who have lost a baby to miscarriage or stillbirth may find Dear Star Baby (Beaming) helpful in their grief.


Childbirth can be difficult simply by virtue of being Pregnant While Black: Advancing Justice for Maternal Health in America (Broadleaf); a book that ‘carries the hopes and dreams of a generation looking to effect change’.

Prepare for an aware and justice-oriented observation of Mothering Sunday with resources from our From Earth’s to Mother’s Day Great Idea.


Children and youth of all identities and relationships are struggling with mental health at record levels. May is Mental Health Awareness month.

Support Black children in developing self-love, nurturing allyship, and ‘being Black in public’ with I’m Still Here (Adapted for Young Readers): Loving Myself in a World Not Made for Me (Random House).

Explore sad feelings with My Elephant Is Blue (Fly Away), which has accompanying discussion questions, activities for children, and a resource list, all available here.

Support Teen Mental Health with insights and practices found in Social Media and the Anxiety Pandemic and Anxiety and Spiritual Practices in Youth Ministry (CYMT)

Find a whole string of related resources in our Mental Health Month – Teens Great Idea.


May is also Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Thanks to Building Faith for putting together their fantastic Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Heritage Month Resources for 2023.


Ready to center women, racism, mental health and/or other interests or needs particular to your context? Need support navigating innovations? Join CYMT’s 2023 Innovation Lab Cohort. Members of The Ministry Lab participate with a significant discount. Learn more about the cohort here. Discover particulars for The Ministry Lab’s Minnesota cohort here. Learn how to participate through The Ministry Lab by emailing Emily.