Thanks to Traci Smith for mentioning Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat’s article, Easter: Resurrection as a Spiritual Practice in her Treasure Box Tuesday.

The Brussat’s Naming the Days Feature post in Spirituality and Practice (read the whole post here) offers ’37 ways to make rebirth and renewal a practice in everyday life’.

This could result in a beautiful congregation-wide exploration of rebirth / renewal / resurrection.

Beginning now – or Mothering or Fathering Sunday or Pentecost Sunday (the birth of the church) – introduce and engage a different practice in your regular weekly worship or gathering.

Invite folx to continue the practice throughout the week.

Many of these practices help to cultivate self-awareness and love, empathy and compassion, gratitude and hope, joy and resilience: they will benefit individuals and the community as a whole and ripple out from your congregation to schools, work places, and community gathering spaces in visible and invisible ways.

Encourage folx to take or draw a picture of where they see, how they experience, or when they participate in birthing New Life into being in their everyday lives.

Create a wall of these images in or just outside your gathering space. Share them online, as well.

Announce to your broader community that you are engaging in these weekly practices. Invite others to join in and share their own observations and images.

You could skip a few practices and still have enough to get from Pentecost to Christmas – the celebration of God’s birth in human form.

Practice Resurrection: seeing it, believing it is possible, and participating in its New Life on a regular basis!