Say, “Hello!” to Pokemon Go [Players]

Thanks to Karla Hovde of the MN Annual Conference UMC for sharing this Great Idea! And to Mason Green of Glendale UMC for coming up with it!

Mason Green, who serves on Glendale UMC’s Trustees Committee, is also a Pokemon Go player, who brought the game to the congregation’s attention. Pokemon Go often brings people to church grounds as part of the game. Green suggested placing a simple sign, which includes a QR code to access the congregation’s website, as a welcome to players.

The sign has resulted in a social media blitz about how welcoming Glendale UMC is to players and has changed some peoples’ minds about how welcoming churches are, in general, after some players have been shouted at and chased off of other properties.

Read the full article here.

How might your congregation welcome people of different interests, hobbies, or talents to your space? How might you welcome different groups who might utilize your space or grounds? With what other local events or groups might you share your space as a sign of your open welcome to others?