Chalking the Door

Thanks to Traci Smith for highlighting this article in her Treasure Box Tuesday post; and to Rachel Scubas of Presbyterians Today for posting it – years ago!

Scubas tells the story of an epiphany of congregational member who dreamt with great clarity what her purpose was in life. Within the story lies an overview of the practice of chalking the doors to mark the Day of Epiphany. It’s a lovely story you can read in its entirety here.

You can find another article about chalking the doors from Building Faith – which includes prayer options and additional instructions that might be helpful to share with parents at home – here.

Turn chalking the door into a family contemplative practice by sharing a prayer, then inviting each member to make one or more marks on the door as they share one way they hope to make Christ known to the world in 2022.

This is a simple recognition of the day that any family might share. You could provide chalk in a quick drop-by visit, or send it home after an in-person gathering.

Blessed Epiphany!!