Thanks to Rebecca Nelson Edwards for sharing this Great Idea through Building Faith.

Rebecca Nelson Edwards’ congregation realized that by replacing Sunday School with an Easter Egg hunt every Easter, they were not showing their full selves to the number of folx who showed up only on Easter morning. They decided to reinstate Godly Play Sunday School – and reinvent their Easter Egg Hunt to turn it into a fun time for kids that raised funds for local children-supporting organizations.

This is a really simple one to replicate or build on in any locale: find local organizations who do good things for young people: reading groups, tutoring centers, support for children of parents in difficult circumstances, etc., etc., etc.

Invite the entire community to support these local organizations by combining this Great Idea with “You’ve Been Egged“: simply include a Good Sam Buck (of any amount) in one of the delivered/hidden eggs and encourage its recipient to ‘pay it forward’ by donating that amount to one of your three target organizations.

You might use Sunday School time as an intergenerational time to learn about each of the organizations, so kids can make informed decisions about their donations after the hunt.

Then follow Nelson Edwards’ lead and create a fun egg hunt for the kids. Read her full article here.

Include her expanded option of collecting donations from adult members of the congregation. And/or, invite youth and adults to their own version of an egg hunt – maybe making the search more challenging but more rewarding (increase the Good Sam Bucks rewards?).

Expand on this further by investing more time and energy in the fundraiser’s recipients: could your children, youth, families and/or elders become friends, mentors, or even hosts for the children or families supported by your recipient organizations? How might you further develop a relationship with the children and families these groups serve?

Explore together how developing real relationships with those you desire to serve is how New Life/Resurrection really happens for us all.