Pandemic Pentecost Affirmations

Rev. Elsa Anders Cook revamps her Pandemic Easter Affirmations to create Pandemic Pentecost Affirmations. Let these become a form of self-care and congregational joy.

Acknowledging the numerous and varied struggles of this past year+, Cook offers a workshop model for gathering congregational affirmations through the growing season, ahead. Or, you might use them only for a leadership circle. Or, share them with another leader to use in a group that you don’t organize.

Dabble in adaptations: how does this idea fit your context? In what way might some variation bring life and healing to your community – not only your congregation, but the broader community outside your walls?

See Cook’s introductory post here, and find the actual “instructions” for Pandemic Pentecost Affirmations here.

Share your adaptations with others via The Ministry Lab here.