Easter Affirmations

Thanks to Rev. Elsa Cook for sharing this Great Idea in her blog!

Rev. Cook wrote An Advent Affirmation of Faith for 2020 in preparation for her Longest Night liturgy and found the exercise so helpful that she designed a way to engage the entire congregation in the exercise.

Last year, she compiled her favorite affirmations. These might be shared with your congregation as inspiration, or starting points. Her thinking about traditional faith statements might also be an opening point for your people. She writes:

“It can be grounding to go back to those words and repeat that faith that has been shared again and again by Christians across the centuries, but there are times when we need words that speak to this particular moment. We need words that remind us what it means to be a person of faith right now.”

Therefore, she created a free printable prompt sheet on Pandemic Easter Affirmations to share. She offers suggestions and tips for following up and some powerful and lovely ways to engage the entire congregation – individually and/or communally.

Once Affirmations have been written and collected, she offers suggestions for how and when to share the affirmations to enrich, inspire, and bring new life to the entire community throughout the Season of Easter.

Read the entirety of Rev. Elsa Cook’s Pandemic Easter Affirmations Great Idea here.