Countdown to Easter

This Great Idea coms from Jill Benson, a DWELL Curriculum Coordinator from Network, who wrote, Help Kids Count Down to Easter with a Simple Paper Chain.

Benson asserts that the length of Lent can make it cumbersome and confusing for kids. She recommends using a simple paper chain to help kids count down the days to Easter. Let chain creation be a family arts and crafts project and use the chain as a Bible study or devotion time prompt throughout the season.

She encourages repurposing paper grocery bags to make the chain (or plain white paper), but her suggestions for Bible prompts include resources specific to the DWELL curriculum – which isn’t a negative, unless you and/or your families don’t use or have DWELL products. If you don’t have God’s Big Story cards, for instance, you might find similarly engaging prompts in a Sparkhouse Story Bible or other children’s or family story Bible.

Adding a Bible passage to each link is easy with the Bible Reading Plan Benson offers.

Congregations could adapt these ideas to fit their own reading-together plans or Lenten themes to keep every family on the same page and journey through the season.

Help your Littles and their families make the Lenten journey with daily guidance and hope with a simple paper chain!