Thanks to Anna Kendig Flores, Anti-Racism Coordinator for the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area, for sharing the article which sparked this Great Idea.

Anna wrote, ‘This month is Pride, and we’re glad to have been able to naturally show some of the connections between… antiracism work and some of the organizations in the PC(USA) who have long been organizing around LGBTQIA+ justice, but if either of these orgs are new to you or you want to engage more:

Other denominations also have internal organizations that have been working on full inclusion of 2-SLGBTQIA+ individuals and communities for decades.


In her note, Anna also articulated, ‘why showing up during Pride month and all year long as people of faith matters now in particular’, offering, Why You Might Notice More Religious Groups at Pride Celebrations This Year, an NPR article from Pride, 2023, which lists an ecumenical and multi-religious gathering at Santa Monica’s Pride Fest last year.

Each organization had a different way to encourage folx to visit their table. Journalist, Jason DeRosa writes:

‘The Episcopalians offered table bowling. The Lutherans offered temporary rainbow tattoos. A nondenominational church let anyone feeling lucky spin a wheel for prizes — ranging from coffee mugs featuring the Lamb of God holding a rainbow flag to a T-shirt emblazoned with Jesus wearing a rainbow crown of thorns.

The swag at Beth Chayim Chadashim’s booth was pink plastic pens and stickers that read “Happy Pride!” above a rainbow Star of David.’

The four-minute listen/read is worthwhile to uncover:

  • progressive Jewish, Muslim, and Christian perspectives on LGBTQIA+ rights and inclusion
  • individual and congregational advocacy invitations
  • ideas for individual and congregational participation in Pride events this year
  • steps congregations can take to ensure a sense of belonging and full inclusion for 2-SLGBTQIA+ individuals and partner organizations

Read the full NPR article/post here.

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