Catch a Vision

Thanks to Chad De Jager for sharing this Great Idea from Christ Community Church, Lemont, IL, as a Faithward blog.

Pastor De Jager writes, ‘…in 2014… Money was low, fear was high, leaders were tired, and guests weren’t coming’.

Then, with the help of a consultant, ‘…within months the church was stable. To outside eyes, everything was great…’

But, warns De Jager, ‘There is a hidden danger in health that no one talks about; like all good things, health can become an idol. We fell in love with stability. We were in danger of settling for organizational maintenance until the next crisis struck. When the shutdowns started in 2020, we reverted to the same survival thinking from the previous crisis. Congregations have memory, especially in moments of uncertainty.’

To counteract this renewed sense of fear and stagnation, De Jager and Christ Community leadership hosted focus groups, conducted congregational surveys, and shared results in public forums.

But finding a new – and ‘big enough’ – vision, remained elusive.

11 months later, writes De Jager, ‘We didn’t discover a vision, but we discovered the words to describe the vision God had given us. Without vision, the future was apathetic and uncertain; with vision, we started moving.’

Fears turned to enthusiasm. Survival thinking became stretched generosity.

And growth happened.

Read the whole blog post here.

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