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Six New Things – Week of October 18, 2021

It’s a question of perspective this week – and developing some new ones: ONE The “fun and funny bird’s-eye tome to individuality, community, and harmony” that is They’re So Flamboyant (Magination) is a romp through stereotyping, acceptance, and welcoming behavior. The Raven and the Dove, The Big Fish, and The Stubborn Donkey (Paraclete) share their […]

Saying, ‘I Appreciate You!’ to Pastors

Thanks to Kathy Noble from Resource UMC and Christa Meland at the MN Annual Conference UMC for creating and sharing this Great Idea for Pastor Appreciation Month – October! Gratitude is a gift we all need to receive. Genuine gratitude (or “appreciation”) feeds our soul and reminds us that our efforts are not in vain. […]

Using Godly Play with Senior Adults

Thanks to Building Faith’s Kat Mercer for this Great Idea! Mercer, quoting Rebecca Nye in her 2009 book, Children’s Spirituality: What It Is and Why It Matters (Church House), writes, “‘Their reality is messy, made up of having a voice and wanting to listen; spiritual intuition and incomprehension of half our words; being people in their […]

Pandemic Lighting of the Advent Wreath

Rev. Elsa Anders Cook shines as usual with this pile of Great Ideas (there are lots in here!). First, Rev. Cook highlights a congregation that formed zoom groups early on in the pandemic – groups which continue to meet often. These groups brought disparate individuals into regular, intimate conversation with one another which elevated a […]

Six New Things – Week of October 11, 2021

Every day is an opportunity to experience the Divine in our midst: through practices of listening and seeing in community transformation as we celebrate saints through wise stewardship in acts of justice as we prepare for Christ to come again ONE Inspire children to see the Divine in the everyday with God’s Coming to Visit! […]

Drive-Through Journey to Bethlehem

Thanks to Building Faith and Rev. Keith Anderson for this Great Idea of a drive-thru Nativity visit. Rev. Anderson’s article includes an outline of the scenes used by Anderson’s congregation last year, tips for developing each station including technological and accessibility concerns, and a full script for this Christmas Eve service – which includes Holy […]

Helping Children Prepare for Worship

Thanks to Building Faith and Rev. Sylvia Miller-Mutia for this Great Idea! This is a Great Idea for those preparing to return to in-person worship, especially for families with small children who haven’t participated in in-person worship much or ever. Rev. Miller-Mutia offers instructions for creating an “Altar of Preparation” which supports children and adults […]

Six New Things – Week of October 4, 2021

Move into seasons of joy and light with an eye for justice and restored community. ONE Observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day (October 11) and Native American Heritage Month (November) by engaging Indigenous stories and histories – with all ages: Set in the ancient Inka (sometimes spelled Inca) empire, Peruvian-born Mariana Llanos‘ Run, Little Chaski! (Barefoot) indigenous hero teaches Littles about […]

Moving into Our Joyful Zones

Recently newsletters from both the MN Conference UCC and the MN Annual Conference UMC highlighted creative ways congregations are getting together as meeting in-person – and indoors – continues to be a health risk for our most vulnerable. Thanks to both for these Great Ideas!! The UCC’s Rev. Amy Wick Moore realized that, “When people […]

Coffee, Kids, and Chaos

Thanks to Jessica L. Anschutz for writing up this Great Idea in the Lewis Center for Church Leadership’s Leading Ideas post. Jessica Anschutz writes about an initial attempt to reach young adults through Theology on Tap gatherings which seemed like a great idea, but ultimately was unsuccessful. In its wake, Coffee, Kids, and Chaos was […]