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Six New Things – Week of January 30, 2023

As we move from the month named after the two-faced god Janus into Februa’s month of purification, we explore flip-sides of the same coin: love and grief; cleansing conversion that comes from stillness; and wiping away destructive systems created by revered ancestors. Black History Month is full of reversals, redressing, and rebuilding. ONE Get ready for […]

Humanize and Empower

This is more than a Great Idea from Bishop Lanette Playback of the Dakotas-Minnesota Area, United Methodist Church. Following the brutal beating and murder of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, TN, Bishop Lanette encouraged congregations to be in prayer, “for the family of Tyre Nichols and for all impacted by this brutal attack”. She then offered […]

Self-Compassion Empowers Love

Thanks to Mindful Schools for sharing these two related Great Ideas: two practical ways to grow love for self and others in ministries with young people. We’re hearing the buzz phrases everywhere: ‘trauma-informed’; ‘teen mental health’; ‘uninvolved elders’; ‘disillusioned members’; ‘generational gaps’. What they all have in common are a sense of not belonging, of […]

Six New Things – Week of January 23, 2023

Be inspired by bold girls, strong and compassionate women, and apocalyptic dragons – all possibilities for a great Lenten journey. ONE What does it mean to be made in the image of God? God Is Just Like Me (Beaming) gives us a fresh take as one young Puerto Rican girl explores her community and every day […]

Radical Hospitality

This Great Idea is inspired by numerous podcasts and blog posts from various leaders, thinkers, and teachers listed throughout. In a world where supremacy-based ‘exclusionary thinking’ is part of the air we breathe; where people in all age groups are feeling increasingly isolated – and depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed as a result; and where congregations […]

Six New Things – Week of January 16, 2023

We’re drawing lines from personal transformation to neighborhood renewal, congregational awareness to social engagement, and from particular change-makers to systemic justice work. It’s a week of individual inspiration leading to faith-based community action! ONE Spark your own and your congregation’s metamorphosis with Catching Fire, Becoming Flame – 10th Anniversary Edition: A Guide for Spiritual Transformation […]

Six New Things – Week of January 09, 2023

As promised, this is a Lent-full post – loaded with devotions and study guides – supported by deeper dives into trauma-informed preaching, Jesus-infused justice, racism-undoing guides, LGBTQ2S+-embracing welcome, and life-enriching reads. ONE Let’s begin with Lent: if you’re not fully prepared, you’re not alone. Here are some wonderful preaching and worship ideas, small group studies, […]


Thanks to Shawn Howell for this Great Idea. Building Faith originally posted this in 2020, so watch for an updated link, below. Shawn writes, “Many churches celebrate Shrove Tuesday with a big pancake supper. If your church does not do a pancake supper, or you know some families wan’t be able to attend, you can […]

Diversify Everyone’s Reading!!

Thanks to my cousin, Kelsee Jean Macintosh-Ellig for sharing this Great Idea!! Kelsee invited her Facebook friends to join her in a book exchange that works like this: “Buy your favorite book (just one) and send it to a stranger.” She will send that stranger’s name to those who sign up via private message. Each […]


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s embrace this season of endings and beginnings by setting an intention to end the unhealthy, oppressive cultural norms of supremacy and consumerism by beginning new patterns and systems that are life-giving and affirming for all – including you, dear leader! ONE Ready to recuperate from a busy Advent, Christmas, and New Year’s? […]