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Rest Fest Sabbath

This Great Idea was inspired by Krista Tippett’s January 21, 2021, OnBeing interview with Katherine May, author of Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times (Penguin). We all need a rest: at-home parents and students and workers; at-risk youth and at-risk marginalized peoples; activists and protestors; clergy and their families; everyone who’s endured […]

Six New Things – February 1, 2021

One It’s Black History Month! Rejuvenate essential conversations and inspire acts of healing with C.T. Vivian‘s Black Power and the American Myth: 50th Anniversary Edition (Fortress) a “prophetic… critique and call to action for a society in deep need of justice and peace”; Open Wounds: A Story of Racial Tragedy, Trauma, and Redemption (Fortress), a “transformative […]

Heart Healthy by Sharing Love

Thanks to Vernita Kennen of Incarnation Lutheran, ELCA, Shoreview, MN for sharing this Great Idea, via the St Paul Area Synod Newsletter! Kennen outlines various ways in which the consumerist – and highly food-oriented – nature of highlighted holidays of the month of February deeply effect the physical health of over-consumers, at the expense of […]

Shrove Tuesday Party Packs

Thanks to Building Faith and Faith Alive Christian Resources for sharing this Great Idea! “Many churches celebrate Shrove Tuesday with a big pancake supper. If your church does not do a pancake supper, or you know some families won’t be able to attend, you can encourage folks to celebrate together at home!” Their post includes […]

Countdown to Easter

This Great Idea coms from Jill Benson, a DWELL Curriculum Coordinator from Network, who wrote, Help Kids Count Down to Easter with a Simple Paper Chain. Benson asserts that the length of Lent can make it cumbersome and confusing for kids. She recommends using a simple paper chain to help kids count down the days to […]

Six New Things – Week of January 25, 2021

Perhaps as a pre-cursor to Lent, we’ve got a journeying theme, this week: One Starting with Keila Dawson‘s Opening the Road: Victor Hugo Green and His Green Book (Beaming) is “the first picture book about the creation and distribution of The Green Book”, the travel guide that opened the road to a “safer, more equitable America” for […]

Raising Voices; Raising Funds

Thanks to Patrick Senense and the Youth Group of Magnolia Park UMC for creating (and Christa Meland of the MN Conf. UMC for sharing) this Great Idea! In the MN Annual Conference UMC’s newsletter (01.21.21), Meland writes: “Last summer, after George Floyd was killed under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, Patrick Senense asked […]

Shared Building Builds Community

Thanks to the MN Conference UCC for sharing this Great Idea! This is verbatim from the MN Conf. UCC weekly COMMAntary and website: Several years ago, Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe, pastor at Living Table United Church of Christ in South Minneapolis, began conversations with the pastor at nearby Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church. Both congregations were […]

Brave Enough to See It; Brave Enough to Be It

The Ministry Lab’s Director, Rev. Emily Meyer, made up this Great Idea after being “introduced” to Amanda Gorman in Rev. Elsa Cook’s Pandemic Prayer for Epiphany 3 post on Jan. 19 – only to be bowled over by her at the Inauguration, the next day! Amanda Gorman “stole the show” at Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration […]

Six New Things – Week of January 18, 2021

One Who can lead us toward healing and reconciliation? A little child! Let Taylor Rouanzion‘s Rainbow Boy (Beaming) light the way, reminding us of simple delight and the joy of diversity. Two Struggling with where or how to lead in these divisive times? Finding Steady Ground can strengthen spirits to resist and thrive while Frank Schaeffer speaking […]