Word and Watercolor

Thanks to Rev. Tammy Wilkinson of Beaver Lake Lutheran Church in Maplewood, MN, for sharing this Great Idea through the St Paul Area Synod, ELCA’s News & Events letter.

Pastors Elizabeth Wilder (Gethsemane, ELCA) and Tammy Wilkinson (Beaver Lake, ELCA) joined forces and congregations for an hour-long monthly Bible study that includes reading Scripture, fellowship, and learning new watercolor or other artistic techniques.

After reading the day’s chosen text, devotional-style questions are asked and participants are encouraged to share responses and reflections with the entire 20-30 person group. Then Pastor Elizabeth provides instruction for the day’s artistic exploration, with an emphasis on ‘learning by doing’. Practices have included watercolor techniques, painting leaves, painting rocks, and more.

In summer months, the group has met outside, adding interaction with nature to their fellowship and exploration of their natural surroundings as inspiration for their artistic expression – as they studied the Genesis creation stories.

Read the whole article here for more ideas.

While both pastors have taken art classes that support this endeavor, neither is formally trained as an artist. Nearly every congregation has artists of one kind or another in them. How might this Great Idea be expanded by exploring different types of music, textile arts, ceramics, digital arts, video imaging, etc.? The sky’s the limit with regard to artistic explorations – and the Scripture to be explored is just as prolific!!

Find your inner artist – and encourage others to set their’s free, as well.

As Pastor Wilkinson writes, ‘Creativity can sometimes allow us to connect more deeply to what we are reading in Scripture, experience God’s presence differently and celebrate sabbath time with God.’