We Are All Stardust

Thanks to Hopeful Innovation Grant recipients at Owatonna’s Associated Church (Presbyterian & UCC) for sharing this Great Idea!

Looking for a way to celebrate uniqueness and diversity within community, Associated members developed their We Are All Stardust campaign, in which they invited everyone in the community to create a unique star from recycled materials to share on their Let Your Light Shine fencing along their property.

The Ministry Lab’s Hopeful Innovation Grant helped them purchase We Are All Stardust facemasks, so congregation members could wear the masks around town as a way to let people know they were part of the project and available to share information about the campaign.

The stardust theme is a synergy of science – which tells us we are all formed from the stuff of exploded stars – and theology, i.e., Jesus’ invitation to “let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works and give glory to God”.

Goals of the campaign included celebrating individual’s uniqueness while reminding folks that we are all part of the human family and our various communities; deepening a sense of appreciation for and connection with creation (by repurposing recycled materials and learning about evolutionary science); and developing connections between folks in times of enforced isolation.

You can read more about Associated’s creative outreach / climate awareness / community celebration here. The Ministry Lab was delighted to support this innovative project!