Together at the Table

Thanks to Living Lutheran Magazine’s November Issue for this Great Idea!

Many of us have powerful and compelling memories associated with food and/or special meals.  Favorite memories are connected with favorite times of year or particular family gatherings.

Many of us are missing the family get-togethers and meals and celebrations that make this time of year special. We might mitigate some of that loss – and turn it into a huge community-building time – by sharing our recipes and memories with one another.

Deepen and broaden community ties by extending the invitation to others in your community: learn recipes and about traditions from folks who are not regular in worship (or even Christian) and strengthen the whole community’s awareness of and bonds with one another.

Create a simple template for a recipe and invite families or individuals to share one recipe and one cherished memory they associate with a meal or celebration in which that food is shared.

Include photos, create a community “tasting party” (great New Year’s Eve idea!), develop a full menu (or several) based on submitted recipes, add beverage pairings, etc., to expand on the theme. Easy, fun and definitely a celebration of community!