Thinking in a New Way Re. Gift Giving

Thanks to Lindy Zabel and Tammy Kuntz for sharing this Great Idea!!

In her newsletter, Tammy Kuntz of the North Central Jurisdiction United Methodist Volunteers in Mission “ponders the media’s messaging about a possible holiday gift shortage, and encourages us to think in a new way”, citing Anne Lappe’s quote: “every time we spend money, we are also casting a vote for the kind of world we want.”

These are wise words. How can you as an individual and as a leader of others encourage faithful consideration of how money is spent this gift-giving season?

Lindy Zabel offers a number of inspired options, including thinking local, supporting artisans, or investing in experiences and trips, writing, “Our money can be used to nurture community, invest in entrepreneurship, and support worthwhile local charities, or a mission project across the ocean”.

Zabel suggests:

  • supporting a local food shelf
  • supporting a local domestic shelter
  • supporting refugee assistance
  • offering to help women in Laos
  • donate a goat, pig, cow, sheep or a flock of ducks
  • supporting the construction of a well

Read the full article in Lindy’s Mission Minute here.

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