Summer Formation Bingo

Thanks to Kelli Sieplinga Dunn for sharing this Great Idea in last month’s Building Faith newsletter.

Sieplinga Dunn writes, ‘Summer can be a mixed bag for… someone who thrives on routine… Vacation [can be] simultaneously relaxing and exhausting.’

Intentionality can tease out the most relaxing elements of summer while creating a container for the routine or discipline that helps some folx thrive.

Sieplinga Dunn’s congregation created a ‘Summer Faith Formation Bingo’ board that was shared with the whole community. The categories of ‘Gospel’, ‘Community’, and ‘Mission’ created three columns (you might add a fourth and/or fifth of ‘Prayer’ and ‘Justice’ – details added below). Each column included three suggestions of activities or goals; these, too, could be expanded upon. A key element was keeping families in mind while creating the activities, but make them accessible to all. See sample bingo board here, for ideas. (Please credit Kelli Sieplinga Dunn if/when you use this resource.)

Bingo boards were emailed to households and a large version was put on display in a central gathering space in the church building. This larger version generated interest, developed enthusiasm as folx reported their ‘progress’, kept the idea in peoples’ minds, and developed community. As each square was completed, household bingo boards filled up and – as each household reported in – the communal bingo board was populated, as well.

In addition to Dunn’s three suggested columns, a ‘Prayer’ column could offer four simple practices such as a breath, walking, or outdoor prayer prompt. The ‘Justice’ column could include attending a Pride event or other socio/political gathering; creation care tips; consumerism checks; or specific local organizations (outside the church) to support through direct action and engagement. [See our Watersheds Toolkit for Minnesota-based ideas.]

At summer’s end, the Bingo Cards might be shared at a culminating event: a movie night, campfire, or party. Encourage conversations between households about their experiences and spiritual growth.

Find Dunn’s sample bingo board here.

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